Our Place

Our Vision is ‘Striving Together for Success’.

Our Mission is

“Allowing and empowering children to develop who they are now and inspiring them to be the best they can be”

Whaanau Focused

We are a family-orientated school with generational connections, providing a physically and emotionally safe environment for our learners. All students have equal access to learning opportunities regardless of ability, gender, race and personal circumstances. We provide a balanced and engaging curriculum for our learners.

History of the School

Horotiu School actually began as Pukete School in 1879, situated near the corner of what is now known as Bern Road (by the BP Service Centre). In 1909 the school was burnt down, and it was eight years before another permanent school building was built. In 1917, a new two-classroom school was erected on the present site.

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Our Horotiu School Learner Profiles



Kia tuu maia



Kia tuu hei ahowhitiwhiti



Kia tuu hei pouarataki

Our Horotiu School 3 Be's are:

Positive Role-Model

Be A Positive Role-Model

Be an active learner

Be An Active Learner

Be Respectful

Be Respectful

Our School Whakatauki was kindly gifted to us:

“Ki te kotahi te kaakaho ka whati,
ki te kaapuia e kore e whati.
When reeds stand alone they are vulnerable,
but together they are unbreakable”

~ Naa Kiingi Taawhiao