Key Information

Key Information

2023 Term Dates

  • Term 1: 31 January - 6 April
  • Term 2: 24 April - 30 June
  • Term 3: 17July - 22 September
  • Term 4: 9 October - 15 December


Preschool children are able to come to school for pre-enrolment visits. We encourage these visits as it makes for a smoother transition from home to school. The Junior Team runs sessions for parents and incoming students. This is a great way to get to know the school, hub routines and also to meet others new to the school. Register your interest through the School Office.

Enrolment Scheme

Due to the risk of overcrowding, the school has been required by the MOE to adopt an Enrolment Scheme. The map below shows the “In Zone area”. Parents are encouraged to make applications for enrolment at least two terms before children are to start. (Click here to fill out an In Zone enrolment form).

Out of Zone Enrolment - Balloting

Under the terms of the Education Act Section 11G (1) 1989, the School Board must implement an Enrolment Scheme to manage the school roll. In implementing the scheme, the Board treats all enrolments fairly.

Online Communication

Class Dojo is our primary platform for online communication with our school whaanau.   Your child's teachers will be able to invite you to join Class Dojo once enrolment is complete.  This runs like an in-house page where school and class notices are posted.  It is also a messenging system where you can contact your child's teacher.  Please be aware that teachers do not regularly check Dojo messages throughout the teaching day.  In the case of urgent matters, it is best to contact the school office through 07 829 9892.

Horotiu School have only one social media page 'Horotiu School Gala' - this is for the purposes of advertising and communicating information around our main fundraiser held at the end of Term 1 each year.

Horotiu School do not endorse or affiliate with any other social media pages outside of the Horotiu School Gala Facebook page.  

School Donations

The BOT and school opted into the Ministry of Education Donation Scheme in 2020. This is designed to alleviate pressure on household budgets and support lower decile schools. It is important to note that parents are still required to make contributions towards food and transport costs for trips, camps and excursions. This is also the case for Year 7 & 8 Technology, which has a take-home component. Please see staff if you have any questions or concerns about these.


Parents or guardians are expected to inform the school the reason for all absences by telephone/text (027 8299 010). These calls should be received before 9.00 am. Parents/guardians of children whose absence has not been explained will be contacted by the School Office. Regular unexplained attendance will be referred to Attendance Services, who may be requested to call at the home on behalf of the school.


Uniform is able to be ordered via the school office.

Horotiu School have:

  • School Hats ($18.50). It is compulsory during outdoor activities and school breaks in Terms 1 and 4 to wear a sunsmart hat (wide brimmed, bucket or cap with flap).
  • School T-Shirts are compulsory for Powhiri/Interschool fixtures/other school activities (currently $45).
  • School Jumper ($55) are great to keep students warm during the winter months.
  • School Fleece Tee ($25) are a “hunting and fishing” type garment great for keeping the body warm and leaving the arms free.

These items may be worn for everyday school wear if you wish. We ask that families name all clothing and items for convenience and recovery when misplaced.


Stationery items are purchased at the start of the year through ACTA. Information about stationery is issued at the beginning of the school year and can be ordered through Find the link to Horotiu School, then select class level. Some stationery items are available at school. Please enquire through the school office for details.

Kelly Club

Horotiu School runs Before and After School care through its partner Kelly Club. Students at school from 7:30-8:30am need to be booked into Kelly Club. Students left after school 2:40-5:30pm also need to be booked in for Kelly Club. 

Click here for more information about registering:  Kelly Club Information 2022

School Hours

Bell Times:

  • 8.30 am Students can arrive at school (unless enrolled in Kelly Club Before School Care available 7.30-8.30am).
  • 9am Class - Morning session begins
  • 10.30 am Morning interval
  • 10.50 am Class - Middle session begins
  • 12.30 pm Lunch
  • 1.10 pm Class - Afternoon session begins
  • 2.30 pm End of school day for bus pupils - catch bus.
  • 2.40 pm End of school day for all other pupils

Lunch Orders & Kick Start Breakfasts

Families are able to order student lunches through These are delivered to students on Fridays. Orders can be ordered in advanced but must be ordered by 8.30am on the day of delivery at the latest.

Horotiu School also runs a ‘Kick Start Breakfast’ programme for children who missed breakfast or arrive at school still hungry. Teachers administer Kick Start Breakfast in their classes 8:30-9:00am. There is no charge.

We ask that students do not bring fizzy drinks, energy drinks (ie V) and chewing gum to school. We also ask that parents refrain from dropping off takeaways during the school day.

Valuables and Phones

Money and valuable/tempting items should not be left in pupils’ bags. The school accepts no responsibility for loss. If your child is bringing something of value to school please make arrangements for them to hand it in to their teachers for safe keeping. Pupils do not have general access to the phone. Staff may make calls on their behalf or allow pupil use in special circumstances. ‘Smart’ watches should have text and phone capabilities turned off for the school day (8.30 am - 2.40 pm). Students who do bring mobile phones and/or other devices to school follow our BYOD Policy and are required to place them in the nominated hub space for safe keeping.

Lost Property

“Found” clothing and other items will be stored for a reasonable period and are located outside the Hall in the big blue wheely bin. Clothing is regularly put out for children to peruse. Feel free to come and check it from time to time. Note: All clothing/items not collected by owners are given to charity at the end of each term.


The Hall is available for hire and is used by a variety of community groups for $50 per hour. Any school bookings outside of 9am - 3pm must be made and cleared through the School Office. It is required that all users, school or other, leave the hall in a tidy condition with all equipment intact. A list of rules and hire conditions are available from the School Office.

School Policy - School docs

Horotiu School has engaged SchoolDocs as a system for making policies and procedures easily accessible for all. It is a comprehensive system that ensures policies and procedures follow best practice and are on a regular review cycle.

Our community is very welcome to view Schooldocs and at times will require input for review.

To have a look:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Search for Horotiu School.
  3. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the community username and password. horotiu / strive

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