Enrolment Declarations

This is the abbreviated Student User Agreement which is part of Horotiu School's Enrolment Form and signed by parents on behalf of their child/ren - as specified in netsafe guidelines. For the full policy and agreement see Horotiu School’s Digital Citizenship Policy 2018 and Appendix 2.

When using information & communications technologies (ICT) at Horotiu School I will always be a good digital citizen. This means that I:
• will be a confident and capable user of ICT
• will use ICT for learning as well as other activities
• will think carefully about whether the information I see online is true
• will be able to speak the language of digital technologies
• understand that I may experience problems when I use technology but that I will learn to deal with them
• will always use ICT to communicate with others in positive, meaningful ways
• will be honest and fair in all my actions using ICT
• will always respect people’s privacy and freedom of speech online
• will help others to become a better digital citizen

If your child does not act responsibly, appropriately, or the things they do mean that other people are being harmed, then the Principal/DP and/or Board of Trustees of Horotiu School have the right to stop them from accessing the internet and/or other technology at school.

I agree that if prescribed medication for my child needs to be administered at school, a designated adult will be assigned to do this. I will ensure that prescribed medication is in original packaging (showing name and dosage), securely fastened and handed to the designated adult with instructions on its administration. I authorise Horotiu School staff to administer these medications if required.

I will inform the school as soon as possible of any changes in medical circumstances.

I consent to my child’s name and/or media being published on the terms of the following information:

In the interest of safety and security Horotiu School requires parental permission for the publishing of students’ names, images or media on our website, Dojo, class blogs, in our newsletters (which are handed out or posted online), or from time to time in local newspapers or their blogs/Facebook pages. Media includes written work, pictures (including photos of child), video and sound.

We believe it is important to celebrate children’s achievement, but are aware of the potential risks when such personal information or material is published on a global information system such as the internet.

The school will set the purpose for publishing of any students’ work online, which will be in line with classroom/staff learning goals. Media involving students' school work may be chosen for online publication if it meets this purpose.

Horotiu School will share no more than a student’s first name and/or media on our sites. Our newsletter will generally publish full names, as do the local newspapers.

Permission given may be revoked at any stage, and if this is the case, parents must ensure that the school principal is notified, so that staff can be informed.

If my child is travelling on a school bus service I accept that it is the driver who is responsible for the safe transporting of my child and he/she will determine if a child’s behaviour is acceptable or warrants being recorded/reported to school staff.