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Posted on 7 April 2019

What a beautiful day for Horotiu School, our whaanau, sponsors and wider community to come together, enjoy each others' company and raise money for our students' learning!

Thank you to all our VERY GENEROUS sponsors who supported us this year (and so many from years gone past as well!).  Your support is greatly valued by our students, staff and whaanau, and we continue to be blown away by the amazing items, goods and services that you send our way to share as prizes, raffles, tenders and food and craft stalls. 

We are so grateful to all those who came to enjoy the day and support us also. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to part with a dollar or two is greatly appreciated, and will directly impact learning at Horotiu School. 

We will post the winners of our Raffles tomorrow, and endeavour to contact those who have won raffles and/or were successful in their bids in the Tenders or Silent Auctions tomorrow as well. As soon as we have a finalised profit amount, we will let you know....WATCH THIS SPACE.   For now, check out a few moments of our day on our Horotiu School Gala Facebook page. 

Today was an awesome display of our School Vision 'Strive Together for Success!' 

From all of us at Horotiu School, thank you one and all!

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The Gala...It all started with our Hall!

Posted on 7 April 2019

A mammoth effort! Lara and her team have the Garage Sale down to a fine art. Done and dusted by 4pm.

To think that this hall was the reason for our very first Gala (and second, and third and possibly fourth!) It took a lot of planning, organisation and effort in the early days, but after a few years of hard work and perseverance, we finally raised enough to break ground and eventually open it in 2003. Our Hall has seen many events, celebrations, productions, PE sessions, King Dodge games (and the list goes on) over the years, and is a reflection of what it is to 'Play the Game', participate and contribute.

To the many hands that have helped out at School Galas over the many years ~ THANK YOU!

Thank you to those who have sought, found and provided sponsorship, allocated donations, wrapped raffles, , taken tickets, made burgers, washed cars, played music, helped at the stalls, counted money, lost their voices on the quickfire raffles, found friends and brought them along, parted with a dollar and even occasionally bid against their own partners in the tenders ~ THANK YOU! Because of you our kids have gained so much, and together we are so much more!feeling proud.

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Posted on 29 March 2019


Our Gala day is at the end of next week and it is that exciting time when we are asking families to send in items. All donations can be placed in the relevant Collection area for your child(ren)'s House in their learning hub.Points are hugely contested during the week, and donations will be collected and allocated daily. Collated House Points will be on display in the staffroom window each day. Remember: Double points on Monday!

We are looking for:

* Jars of Goodies for the 'Jar Game'. (Be creative and fill a jar with lollies, balloons, pencils, dinosaurs, marbles etc then decorate the jar). This game is extremely popular and a favourite at our Gala so we need as many jars as we can. Hint: Smaller jars are easier to fill.

* Easter Eggs - These become part of our delicious Easter Raffle along with a few Quickfire Raffles. It would be great if each family could donate an egg or two for this.

* Grocery Items - These are put together to create our 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes for the Grocery Raffles. (Please check the expiry dates before sending them to school) . We cannot include items past their dates.

* Wrapped Lucky Dip Items: Please wrap any suitable Lucky Dip prizes with a sticky note stating suitable age, boy/girl/gender neutral. We sell these for two tickets (equivalent to $2) so would appreciate prizes being this in value.

* Garage Sale: We are looking for quality, clean unwanted items in good condition. Clean clothing, working appliances, bric-a-brac and stable clean furniture are a few ideas. If you would not bring ithome to your house due to age, state or cleanliness, please do not send it to school.

* Preserves: All preserves are most appreciated. Please ensure they are labelled and dated.

* Baking and Sweets: Baking to be gladwrapped and labelled. Any baking, sweets and bagged sweets can be dropped off Saturday6th April or directly to the stall on Gala morning.

* Plastic bags will be used for the Garage Sale and we welcome any you have at home so that we can reuse them, however we also suggest in caring for our environment, you may wish to bring your own reusable ones along on the day.

* Pink Slips - If you haven't yet returned your pink slip or let us know when you can help on the day, please do so as soon as possible so we can complete the roster.

* Remember to join/like/share the Horotiu School Gala Facebook page to drum up support and interest amongst friends. The more the merrier!

Once again thanks for your ongoing generosity and offers of support. Together, this Gala will be a great success!

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Posted on 25 March 2019

In just under two weeks our Horotiu School Gala will be underway! Sunday 7th April 9am-1pm.

We really appreciate the support of our VERY GENEROUS SPONSORS for our Annual Gala!  All items will be involved in our Raffles, Tenders Board, Silent Auctions, Mystery Envelopes, Food and/or Craft Stalls, and many of the other events and activities that are taking place on the day.  Please check out the Sponsors list below and support these businesses where you can.  Be sure to mention your connection with Horotiu School and our Annual Gala so they are know their support is worth their while. Sponsors list.pdf

If you haven't already returned your pink slip, please fill it in by letting us know when you are available to help on the day and return it as soon as possible.  The roster is coming together but there are still places that we need to fill. 

We will starting Hub Collections for donated goods and House Points next week during school hours but we also have Garage Sale Drop-Offs (at the Hall) available after school hours as below from Wednesday 3rd April (not from this Friday as previously advertised): 

Late Night Garage Sale Drop-Offs:

* Wednesday 3rd April 5.30-7.30pm

* Thursday 4th April 5.30-7.30pm

* Friday 5th April 5.30-7.30pm

We really appreciate all the support we receive from our students, whaanau and the wider community, and look forward to another great opportunity to strive together for success!

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Standing in Solidarity

Posted on 16 March 2019

All our thoughts, prayers and love go out to the people of Christchurch. To our Muslim community and families, our hearts are wide open and we stand by you in this moment of tragedy. One thing we all take great pride in Horotiu is our diversity and multicultural community.

From all of us at Horotiu School.

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Posted on 14 March 2019

We need you to offer a small amount of your time to help, and to spread the word about our upcoming Gala. If you can help in any way, come in and let us know. Together we are striving for success - all profits directly to learning resources and opportunities for our students.

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Shooting Stars 'So Last Century' Museum and Penny Farthing Day

Posted on 13 March 2019

What an awesome day of learning we had at Horotiu School thanks to the initiative, planning and organisation of our Year 3 and 4 hub. Thanks Shooting Stars for such a great day of learning, fun and exploration for us all!

Here are just a few glimpses of the day.  If you would like to see more, flick over to our Photo Gallery page.

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These Strong Hands...

Posted on 12 March 2019

A big thank you to our Enviro Team of Solomon, Waaka and Pokaia who have planned for, purchased, built and stained our new picnic tables. This was a learning initiative put forward by these boys that would benefit all of our school community. Tino pai rawa atu koe tane!

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Posted on 26 February 2019

You are invited to.... The Shooting Stars' (our Year 3&4s)... 'It’s So Last Century' Day.

Bring a gold coin donation to visit 'The Shooting Stars Museum' and have a ride on a Penny Farthing bike.

Everyone is encouraged to dress up in something that is ‘So Last Century’.

All Hubs will be scheduled a visiting time in the morning.

Parents and whaanau are invited to pop in anytime between 1:30and 5:30pm on this day.

The Shooting Stars are busy preparing for this day and will send more details as they come to hand.

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Posted on 22 February 2019

Striving Together for Success!

Congratulations to all students who took part in the SeniorSwimming Sports yesterday. It was day of determination, challenge and success for many. House Points were hard foughtfor and well-earned.
A special mention to the great group of 8-year-olds that joined usfor the very first time. You were awesome! It must be said that one of the great events of the day was the Handstand Competition.

Congratulations to Nikau House on taking out the win with 374 points followed by Kauri (362), Totara (280) and Rimu (269).

Those people selected to represent our school will be informed in the coming weeks. Our Interschool event is a little while away on the 22nd March and a letter will come home with reps with details about it.

We are also planning two other swimming days at the Ngaruawahia Town Pools - one for the rep team to practice and one for students in the senior school who are not attending the Interschool Swimming Sports. Students will attend only one of the two. Keep an eye out for information on these in early March.

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