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Horotiu School ‘Family Favourites’ Recipe Book

Posted on 21 September 2018

~ Send us your favourites!

As you will be aware, we are always on the look-out for great fundraising ideas and ways to engage our families and community. One of the initiatives that we are working on at present is a Horotiu School ‘Family Favourites’ Recipe Book. Our aim is to gather favourite recipes from families across our school and collate them into a book that could make an awesome present or go-to cooking book on your shelf. This initiative is a general school fundraiser (ie not tagged for events such as camp). The cost will be determined once we know the number of recipes included and how the book may look and be published. 

Recipes can be family favourites, passed down from generation to generation or may just be a favourite in your household. 

We have set up an email address to send in your contribution and welcome any recipes you wish to share. This is recipes@horotiu.school.nz. 

We would love to include a recipe from as many of our families as possible and if possible one for each child. 

 Ideally, we would like these to be in digital format (ie typed up) with:

-  Recipe Title

-  Ingredients

 - Method

-  Name of student and/or family

-  Photo of the finished product (optional)

Please note the document must an editable format (ie Word, Google Doc etc). We may change the font or layout to ensure consistency throughout the book, and to maximise our layout choices. 

In the event that this is not possible for you to send them digitally, we still want to include them, so send them in on paper and we’ll do the rest. 

Once collating them together, our students will proofread and arrange recipes into the book, and make them available for sale - hopefully in time for Christmas. 

We are excited about this project and look forward to receiving your favourite recipes (with or without the secret ingredient included). Any questions, please feel free to ask or drop us a line. 

Patsy Keoghan and Karen Purdy

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Commemorating Womens' Suffragette ~ 125th Year

Posted on 21 September 2018

Yesterday our school commemorated 125 years of the Women'sSuffragette Movement and celebrated the strength, determination and vision of Kate Sheppard.

Students signed the scroll and shared what they are grateful for intheir world. Each hub helped to plant the garden beneath thestaffroom windows - this garden will now be known as the 'KateSheppard Garden'. Students' bunting pieces that recognisedinspiring women in their lives were hung collectively along thedeck for everyone to read.

Thank you to all students, whaanau and staff for recognising suchan important milestone. Particular thanks to Megan Parker forplanning, organising and bringing this celebration to life for ourschool community. Thanks also to Jo Wright and Chase Johnstonefor their help in preparing the garden prior.

Last but not least, we recognise Kate Sheppard and the women who fought before, with and after her for equal rights in our world.Thanks also to all those women and men who continue to inspire us and work together ensuring that our lives and world are full of equal opportunities for all.

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Kiwi Can-Do Trolley Derby

Posted on 21 September 2018

As part of Kiwi Can-Do Inquiry learning in Kotahi, some of our senior students have organised a Trolley Derby event.

Notices and information about this event have been sent home this week already. Anybody is eligible to enter the event however they do need to have a helmet and elbow/knee pads where possible. We are appreciative of Kathy and Trevor Reid who are once again allowing us to use their paddocks.

All hubs have been invited to watch the event even if they haven't entered. Food and drinks are being pre-sold and sold on the day.

Trolleys will need to be brought to school on the day and we will travel across to the paddock prior to the event.

We look forward to a fun and safe event, that utilises the skills and Kiwi ingenuity of our students.

Any questions, feel free to come and ask

~ Kotahi Kids

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Kotahi's Drive-In Movie

Posted on 21 September 2018

Thanks to everyone who has been able to come along and support the drive-in movie.  Once again we have been astounded with the clever designs and creativity that our students and families have shown in building their boxcars.  

The pizza has been distributed, the cars parked up, the drinks and chocolate bars are in hand and the ice cream sundaes await intermission.  

A reminder pick up is 5.30pm.  We ask that you please take home your vehicles and all their spare parts.  We hope you enjoy a few hours to yourself parents.  

Thanks again for supporting our Kotahi Hub in getting to camp.  Our tentative profit from today’s event is $800.  

Ngaa mihi


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Kua Tae Te Wa - It's Time!

Posted on 21 September 2018

Thanks everyone for making arrangements for your child(ren) yesterday and for sharing your messages of support with us.  We really appreciate it.

Our staff joined thousands of others in Hamilton yesterday to voice our views and stand up and support the needs of our students - all of our children.   

Kua Tae Te Wa - It's time!

Ngaa mihi

Horotiu School Staff

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We are updating our details

Posted on 17 August 2018

Iwi Affiliations

Hi everyone!

We hope you having a fantastic day and managing to avoid the puddles and passing showers of late.  

We are currently looking to update our records in regards to Iwi Affiliations.  If you are applicable, we would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the online form below.  If it doesn't open automatically, please copy and paste the URL to your address bar and click on it.  It should take you straight in. 


We will also send the link via email to those families we have email addresses for, and will place the link on our school website.  

Likewise if need to update your email address, contact details or any other information here at school, please let us know so we can keep in contact with you as efficiently as possible.

We appreciate your support in this.

Ngaa mihi 

Horotiu School

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Awesome learning at the Waikeri Marae!

Posted on 14 June 2018

Thanks to the many volunteers and organisers from Waikeri Marae, Horotiu School and our community for making our Marae visit such a successful day of learning. It was a meaningful and positive experience for all!

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Newsletter Update

Posted on 31 May 2018

Just a reminder that our school newsletter is now in digital format only. Please check your Inbox or go to our school website page www.horotiu.school.nz to access it.

If we do not already have your email address, please forward it tooffice@horotiu.school.nz and we will add it to the mailing list.

Thanks for your support in moving forward to a environmentally-friendly system. 

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Duffy Book ‘Swapper Locker’

Posted on 31 May 2018

Do you have any pre-loved or unwanted Duffy Books that your children have grown out of or have read and read and read and now sit on the shelf?

We have a new initiative at school where students can exchange quality Duffy Books for another, and our kids can read to their hearts’ content.

The new ‘Swapper Locker’ was introduced at assembly today andis currently located in the Hall.

Thanks to Megan Parker for coming up with this concept, painting and creating this locker. Thanks also to Miranda Winchester for donating the pre-loved cabinet to the School Gala, and to TG Embroidery for printing the stickers to make it identifiable. Thanks David Parker for your detailed eye in placing the stickers on straight!

A great team effort! 

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School Cross-Country A Huge Success!

Posted on 31 May 2018

Thanks and congratulations to all students, staff and parents who participated in our School Cross-Country today. It was AWESOME!

The weather was great! The kids all stepped up to the challenge of completing the event, and the sportsmanship and support amongst spectators and competitors alike was wonderful to see.

We must once again thank the Reids for allowing us the opportunity to use their property for this event. It really is the perfect spot for runners and spectators alike.

House Points were allocated for participation and place-getters which lead to the following results (drumroll please!):

1st Place: Nikau 90 points
2nd Place: Totara 80 points
3rd Place: Kauri 78 points
4th Place: Rimu 68 points

Congratulations on both your individual and House team efforts everyone! Everyone was a winner on the day! 


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