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Welcome Back Everyone - Kon'nichiwa!

Posted on 25 July 2016

It was great to see all our students back today so happy and keen to begin Term 3! In Room One we also welcomed a few extra students visiting from Japan.

Today Room 1 students were joined by seven Japanese students and their teacher for the majority of the day.  Together we spent the day discussing, sharing and comparing family life, school experiences, leisure activities and daily life in our respective countries.  

The group, (from Kyoto Gyosei High School, a Christian school in the heart of a very busy city) displayed their culture through song and dance to which we responded with Waiata and Haka.  They taught us how to make origami ( and we showed them how to fold our milk cartons!) and translated our names into Japanese.  We showed them around our school explaining every day routines and aspects of what makes our place so special.  The basketball game before lunch was lots of fun too.  

Thank you Mrs McGowan and Yashiko for arranging to bring this wonderful group to learn with us and teach us about the Japanese culture.  Best wishes for the remainder of the trip.  Travel safely home!  We really enjoyed our experience with you all and hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!


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